Glow that smile -Naturally


There is confidence that comes with having a glowingly infectious smile. You feel like you can face the world square when you wake up and have nothing to hide behind your face. That pleasant smile is attractive, and in fact, psychologists hold to the view that those who smile offer have a positive approach to life and are more adaptable than those who wear a gloomy face. That said, I would show you some of the mechanisms that dentists and psychologists agree on that would brighten your teeth, a recipe for that beaming smile.

Take a lot of water

Some toxins are known to be notorious for discoloring teeth when left to stay long in the mouth.

Drinking water often, washes away such hence reduces the prevalence. A lot of water also should be used when brushing your teeth after meals so that all food particles are removed. Even when flossing, use as much clean water as possible.

Avoid water, which has a high concentration of minerals. Some of these are known to cause the yellow coloration of the teeth.

Take foods rich in calcium

You could be among those who fear the unknown, what will happen if I react to this chemical? Are you part of this group? Then not all is lost, we have homemade natural mechanisms that you could apply, and you get the same result. These are for those who know that “patience pays.”

As you well know that, some foods and beverages could stain your teeth and ultimately cause decay. Again there is a category of foods that when taken often would strengthen the teeth and give them a brighter glow. This is good news, isn’t it?

  • Broccoli and Celery

When eaten raw, the vegetables scrub the teeth, and this makes them whiter over time. Again, the green substance in them is known to be rich in iron, which forms a coating that protects the teeth enamel from the harmful acids from bacteria.

These vegetables are rich in vitamin K and calcium, which is known to build healthy bones and reverse bone loss. Thus, consumption of such will continue to replenish the teeth enamel, and therefore it will give your teeth a brighter glow.

  • The strawberry

Vitamin C, manganese and antioxidants are some of the elements that are known to whiten teeth naturally. In spite of its being delicious, Strawberry is known to be very rich in such and therefore regular consumption will naturally brighten your teeth.

Specialists in homemade teeth whitening techniques advise that you can smash the strawberry to form a paste which can be mixed with baking soda and occasionally use it to brush your teeth. This is not a replacement for your regular toothpaste.

  • The wonder fruit -“Apple.”

From some quarters, Apple has been referred to “nature’s toothbrush” because of its ability to scrub your teeth while chewing it. The tangy flavor of this fruit combined with its texture leads to salivation. Of course, you know that saliva is the natural mouth cleanser and the natural mouth defense against stain and decaying.

Apples are rich in vitamin C and silicon (scarce element) and they contain a polyphenol called phloridzin, which reduces inflammation, and increases bone density.

  • The mushroom

Shitake mushrooms, a type of mushroom, in addition to containing vitamin B5, copper, zinc, selenium, and potassium, is known to promote whiter teeth. Research has also shown that shitake includes a cancer-fighting polysaccharide called lentinan that also inhibits the bacteria that causes teeth cavity.

  • Pineapple fruit

Bromelain is a nutrient that is a collection of enzymes, which help in digestion of proteins. Study shows that this nutrient removes stains on teeth. It is also known for strengthening the bones and teeth. Some manufacturers have gone ahead to produce bromelain rich toothpaste which you can get over the counter. Go ahead, munch that fruit! And see the difference.


The list of the foods that will help you in whitening your teeth naturally is long. However, I should note that the natural way does not bring instant effects, but continued uptake will deliver results with time.


Home Vs Spa Laser Hair Removal

Due to the emergence of many laser hair removal machines that can be used at home, a lot of people are considering doing the laser hair removal at home to avoid paying the high prices at professional spas. Below is a comparison between having the laser hair removal at home vs having it done at the spa:

  • Convenience: for a laser hair removal at home, you will be able to do it at your own time, unlike having the laser treatment at the spa where you have to book your appointment within the spa’s hours of operation.
  • Cost: The cost of laser hair removal in a spa is quite high considering the number of sessions one has to attend before the treatment is completed. When laser hair removal is done at home, the initial cost of purchasing the laser machine will be high but it will be a long-term investment that will serve you for a long time.
  • The strength of the laser machine: A professional laser hair removal machine is stronger than the home laser machine. As a result, laser hair removal in a spa will take a shorter time to complete that when you are having the laser hair removal done at home.
  • Ease of use: A professional laser hair removal machine is easy to use as all you will need is the proper settings. For the home laser machines, you will have to keep moving your hand over the area that is being treated to feel if there is some hair that is remaining. If one is not careful, you may end up leaving some parts untouched and end up with patches.
  • A professional laser hair removal machine can be used on any part of the body, unlike home laser machines which cannot be used on the face. You will have to incur some extra cost if you wish to have facial hair removed.
  • Home laser hair removal machines are only made for light-skinned people. If you have a dark skin, you have no choice but to go for a professional laser hair removal treatment.
  • When having the laser hair removal at home, you will not be able to reach every part of the body. You have to look for someone else to assist you and this may be risky if he does not know how to operate the machine. For professional laser hair removal treatment, the aesthetician will be able to reach every part of your body and ensure uniformity in the entire process.
  • Home laser hair removal machines use less power and it will be difficult to cause any damage to the skin. A professional laser hair removal machine will require utmost caution when handling it as any wrong move may lead to severe damage to the skin due to the strong radiations that are emitted.

Considering all the above facts, laser hair removal at the spa that is operated by a professional is your best bet. You will be able to see results faster and the decision regarding the best laser machine to use that will work best for your skin type will lie with the professionals.

Benefits of Waxing

One of the main advantages of waxing over other hair removal methods is that the re-growth takes quite a long time. In addition, if you wax on a regular basis the regrowth will gradually begin to slow down allowing you to leave longer periods between waxes. Some women who have been waxing for several years report regrowth times of up to 3 months.

The great thing about waxing is that it can be used on most areas of the body, no matter how large or small. The most common form of waxing is probably the legs, but many people also choose this method to remove hair from the armpits, bikini line, back, chest, upper lips, and eyebrows.

Softer Hair & Smoother Skin

One thing that women, in particular, find appealing about waxing is that when the hair starts to grow back, it is much finer. This is because most other methods slice the hair, leaving a raw edge whereas waxing pulls the hair out at the root meaning that totally new hair has to grow. The waxing process can also strip away loose dead skin as it removes hair which gives skin a healthy glow.

More Men Then Ever Are Waxing

Waxing is, as I have mentioned, totally unisex and these days there are more men than ever before showing an interest in waxing their unwanted body hair. The common areas that men have wax are the back, a mono-brow and occasionally the chest. However, there are also men who like to wax their legs, buttocks and pubic areas waxed as well. One benefit that most men enjoy is that waxing can make muscles seem more defined! There are now salons dedicated to male grooming as well as unisex salons.


Brazilian demands an accomplished specialist. There is less pain connected to the procedure when the technician works quickly. This type of waxing is more basic in significant urban communities, for example, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia.

After the hair is trimmed, the expert will spread the wax over the territory toward hair development. Strips of cloth are then squeezed onto the wax and permitted to cool. When the wax cools, the strips are ripped off in the direction inverse to hair development. This draws the hair out from the base. Any stray hairs will then be culled with a tweezer. After the process, a calming lotion is applied to cool the skin and relieve bothering.

Tips for Good Results

The hair should be no less than a quarter of an inch long prior to the technique. On the supposition that you shave your pubic hair, permit it to develop back before your session. They are less probably to happen after repeated waxing sessions.

You should hold up no less than three weeks in between sessions for the hair to develop back. The technique will last anywhere in the range of four to seven weeks, contingent upon how quick your hair develops.

Some salons offer this methodology for both men and ladies; others just offer it for ladies. So, it advisable to check with the salon before booking an appointment.

The level of pain connected with this technique differs as indicated by the threshold of your pain and the aggregate and structure of the hair. A quick working expert is best to reduce pain in this respect.

Watching over Your Skin After Waxing

Reasonable consideration and care will help counteract ingrown hairs and amplify the time required in between sessions. Utilize a relieving cream to lessen aggravation after your session, lavender is a typical constituent in these creams. The skin here is delicate and can be effortlessly aggravated by the wax process. Cleaning the territory frequently will anticipate and help mend this aggravation.

Ingrown hairs are normal after hair evacuation methodology. Shed the skin frequently to help diminish and avoid ingrown hairs. You can utilize a commercial exfoliating item, a washcloth or a loofah. A warm, soggy washcloth held to the territory helps mend ingrown hairs.